Things talk,
we listen.

Simplifying the Internet of Things

An increasing number of low-power, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices are arriving on the market to sense, measure and communicate all types of data at scale. With this diversity comes complexity.

 Daizy simplifies the process of designing, testing and rolling out IoT applications.

We make IoT accessible to anyone

We provide the plumbing for the Internet of Things. The Daizy platform lets you manage your devices, automatically provision communication networks and provides a single unified view of your data.

We believe in an Open Internet of Things

Daizy is open to all devices, on any network and for any application. Data too often becomes siloed in device-specific cloud services. With Daizy its all in one place and under your control.

Want to share your data with others? Daizy lets you co-opt your data to create valuable insights in wider applications.

Managing devices throughout their lifecycle

Select the best device for your project, effortlessly install it using the Daizy Mobile App, continue to monitor it and ensure its disposed of responsibly at the end of its life.  Daizy takes care of the full life journey for every device under management.

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Choose from the full breadth of IoT devices on the market.

Daizy handles the transformation of the data into a standardised form.

Manage your device inventory, assign to projects and sites and deploy in the field with the Daizy Mobile App.



Daizy automatically provisions network access for your devices.

With support for Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee and WiFi configuration, you select the best network technology for your application without having to commit to network agreements with each provider.



Whether event driven or data logging and analytics, build and host your applications within the Daizy Cloud or interface directly to your line-of-business apps using open standards.

You retain full control of your data, deciding who can see it and for what purpose.

Solutions powered by Daizy

The Daizy Solutions Catalogue provides access to a range of pre-built monitoring and alerting applications for Smart Cities, Social Care, Environmental Management and Smart Buildings. Visit our Solutions page or contact us to learn more.