About Us

Who are we?

Daizy was formed by a team of like minded individuals with a goal to democratise the Internet of Things. We believe that the biggest of challenges will be solved by the collective power of individuals addressing the problems that matter most.

The global market for IoT is expected to double to over $520B by 2021, yet right now there are significant barriers to entry for technology solution providers.  Early devices often do not meet the required standards of reliability, and the data they product is often not fit for purpose.

Daizy aims to address these challenges through a platform which is aware of a given device and its capabilities, where network provisioning is an automated background activity and where data is under the control of its owner, outside of device-specific silos.

We have a founding team with a proven track record building data-driven managed service software in the Wireless Telecoms industry, having previously built, scaled and exited a business to a Fortune 500 company.