Daizy works with specialist solution providers to deliver IoT applications across a range of sectors, all benefiting from the open architecture and data collaboration capabilities of the Daizy platform.

If you’re a solution provider looking to create new propositions around IoT we’d love to hear from you.

Smart City

Smart Cities

Solutions for local government, agencies and private organisations to harness the data from urban systems.

Data from traffic, transportation, footfall, air quality, noise, waste management feed into planning, operation and delivery of services to citizens.

Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care

Solutions for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, extend independent living and reduce the cost of healthcare provision.

Drive efficiency in social housing services through the automation of statutory monitoring and testing services.

Lulworth Cove

Environmental Management

Solutions in water management, air quality and coastal management.


Hospitality & Leisure

Data-driven decision making for venues. Monitoring of local noise impact for licensing.

Sensing solutions for short-term lets, ensuring hosts remain good neighbours through the passive monitoring of noise and nusance.

Smart Building

Smart Buildings

Sustainable energy management and environmental control to reduce cost and improve the indoor environment.

Water Treatment


Power management, water monitoring, weather data and more ensure the efficient and effective delivery of utility services.

Daizy for Makers

We believe that the biggest of challenges will be solved by the collective power of individuals addressing the problems that matter most.

We’re making Daizy available to makers, hobbyists and SMEs through our early access program. Daizy enables makers to quickly prototype ideas without having to worry about agreements with network operators or figuring out how to unpack and host the data from the device.

Quickly build out flow-based applications, add devices to the Daizy platform and see the data begin to flow.

If you’re a maker with a need to incorporate IoT devices into your project we’d love to hear from you. We provide a free access tier for experimentation, and can work with you to onboard new types of device into the Daizy platform.

Scale up you idea

Once you’re ready to expand your idea more widely, create your site structure and use the installer app to deploy and commission devices in the field at scale without needing to rewrite.

Sign up to our early access program.